Nikolai Zasulskiy

Nikolai Zasulskiy

Dear Forum participants. On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kiev I greet Forum organizers, participants and guests from the depth of my heart. I express my confidence that the meeting of leading businessmen and politicians will open new horizons of cooperation and will assist to the dynamic growth of national economies. I wish all participants fruitful work, constructive dialog and successful realization of all prospects. With best regards, V.Zasulsky, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kiev.

Kiev, MSP 01601, Ukraine

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kiev is a non-governmental organization which purpose (goal? aim?) is assistance to development of national economy ant its integration into the world system, strengthening (consolidation?) of the market mechanisms and providing practical assistance to enterprises of the Kiev region. The spectrum of the Capital-city Chamber activity is very wide and is directed to creation (building?) business contacts between Ukrainian and abroad organizations, developing the new forms of cooperation, participation in realization international programs and conducting business meetings, business missions, conferences and presentations. We believe that in the CIS countries positive tendencies will strengthen, new forms of cooperation will be implemented, perspective mutual projects will appear which will create good friendly conditions for economic development and, as a result, increase of social welfare of people.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kiev. 55 B.Khmelnitzky St., Kiev, MSP 01601, Ukraine. Tel.: +380 44 482-0301, Fax: +380 44 482-3966,

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